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A passion for cooking, Spain and therefore the Spanish cuisine. These are the most important things that prompted me to found Paellas.nl. Back in 2001, when I met my wife, I was introduced to my family-in-law. Through that way, I soon came into contact with paella. In fact, my father-in-law turned out to be a real Valencian! On Sundays, he regularly made a delicious paella.

Paella Valenciana Recipe

Many people associate paella with seafood and fish. However, in Valencia, the cradle of paella, the traditional and most eaten paella is made with chicken, rabbit, and beans.

In Valencian families, the preparation and eating of paella is a wonderful experience. The whole process occupies a large part of the Sunday and has caused many family disputes.The preparations start in the early morning when the broth is cooked and the ingredients are cut. Slowly the family drops in and aperitifs are enjoyed. Not long after, the entire family is fiercely arguing around the paella pan.

Somewhere in the mid-afternoon, a delicious paella is placed on the table. Again everybody gathers around the paella pan. This time with a spoon to empty the pan until the last grain of rice. The discussion continues cheerfully by the way. Only now it’s about the chunks of chicken and the crispy “socarrat” at the bottom of the pan. It is a real feast!

Everyone eating paella

Partly because of these beautiful personal experiences, I was wondering why this beautiful dish does not appear on many more dinner tables on a regular basis. After all, Paella is the ultimate family dish. Over the years, Sushi and risotto have been fully integrated into most cuisines, however, with paella, this doesn’t seem to work out so far.

Therefore I have set myself as a goal to bring everyone to the paella. I do this by making this wonderful dish more accessible to the wider public.

I wish everyone who visits Paella-info.com a great time on my website and I hope you find the product, recipe or information you are looking for. If not please let me know by filling in a contact form, and I will see how I can answer your question.

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