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The authentic paella recipe Featured

The authentic paella recipe

What exactly is the authentic paella recipe? That’s what many people are wondering. When you order a paella in the tourist areas of Spain, you often get a ‘paella de marisco.’ This paella contains seafood and fish. A seafood paella looks beautiful and is a perfect crowd magnet on a nice and sunny terrace. In …

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Paella traditions and customs Featured

Paella traditions and Customs

Mention cooking paella in front of a Valencian and you’ll have a friend right away. They’ll be happy to tell you what’s the best way to cook paella and with which ingredients you need. These traditions and authentic ingredients must be respected. If you deviate from it, it’ s no longer a real paella. Strict? …

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Eating paella in Sevilla Featured

Eating paella in Sevilla

Eating paella in Sevilla is not easy, but it is definitely possible! It is often thought that paella is a dish from all over Spain. This however is not the case. Paella is a dish that originated in the region of Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. Today the dish is still very popular …

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Eating paella in Barcelona Featured

Eating paella in Barcelona

While paella is a dish that has its origins in the region of Valencia, it is also possible to eat paella in Barcelona. Underneath you will find five restaurants in Barcelona specialized in rice dishes and paella. Would you like to eat a real authentic Paella Valenciana? You will probably not find it in Barcelona. …

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How to cook paella rice Featured

How to cook paella rice?

The question of how to cook paella rice is a legitimate one when you look at the cooking of most other types of rice. In almost every dish the rice is cooked in a pan of water, either with or without taste or color. Once the rice is cooked, it is added to the rest …

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How to cook seafood paella Featured

How to cook seafood paella?

Seafood paella, also known as Paella de Marisco, is probably the paella variety that appeals most to the imagination, especially outside Spain. Typical ingredients such as prawns, langoustines, clams, and squid give the paella a highly photogenic appearance. So how to prepare this popular paella variation by yourself – and also what does a paella …

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How to cook paella Featured

How to cook paella?

People often think making paella is complicated. There is also a prejudice that it is difficult to find the right ingredients. Both conclusions are not entirely correct. When you use the right equipment and good quality ingredients, paella cooking isn’t that difficult. Preparing paella in a frying pan Preparing paella in a frying pan is …

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