Chicken paella – How to cook it authentically?

Chicken Paella or Paella de Pollo is an excellent alternative to the authentic Paella Valenciana. Especially if you don’t like the rabbit or when it is challenging to find rabbit meat. Paella with chicken can also be prepared authentically, although the dish may no longer be called Paella Valenciana.

The recipe for Paella Valenciana is protected and may only be used if the recipe contains all ten essential ingredients for original Paella Valenciana, which includes rabbit.

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The right equipment

When you are going to cook chicken paella, and you want to do this as authentically as possible, it all starts with the right equipment — starting with a decent paella pan in the correct size.

Having the right paella pan size is an essential part of preparing a good paella. This is because the rice layer in a good paella is quite thin and the rice has become slightly dry and sometimes even a bit crunchy. This crispy crust at the bottom of the paella pan is in Valencian called “Socarrat.” Socarrat gives a paella a much more flavor.

Chicken paella in an authentic way

As said, it is very well possible to prepare a paella with chicken in an authentic way.

Except for rabbit and local Valencian beans, all ingredients are the same as those of Paella Valenciana.

Also the preparation method is almost the same. Just like Paella Valenciana, chicken paella is made entirely in the paella pan, and the stock is drawn from all the ingredients in the pan.

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