Eating paella in Barcelona

While paella is a dish that has its origins in the region of Valencia, it is also possible to eat paella in Barcelona. Underneath you will find five restaurants in Barcelona specialized in rice dishes and paella. Would you like to eat a real authentic Paella Valenciana? You will probably not find it in Barcelona. The city has not a single restaurant certified by Wikipaella. You will need to drive more than two hours to Benicarló on the Costa de Azahar to find a restaurant that is certified. Barcelona has developed its own paella recipe, which always contains fish or seafood.

Eating paella in Barcelona Featured

Can Solé

Restaurant Can Solé is located in the district of La Barceloneta, between the beach and the Barcelona marina.

The restaurant was founded in 1903 and is focused on classic Mediterranean cuisine.

Can Solé is classic in terms of decoration. The restaurant is equipped with round tables, with white tablecloths and wooden furniture. The walls are decorated with photos of special guests who have visited the restaurant over the years.

The menu mainly consists of seafood and fish dishes. There is also an extensive range of rice dishes.

Have a look on Google Maps for the exact location of Can Solé.


Restaurant Cherrif is also located in the district of La Barceloneta. Between the beach and the marina.

Cherrif is a rather compact restaurant with a classic interior. The restaurant was founded in the early sixties.

Cherrif’s menu consists mostly of dishes with fish and seafood. The list contains over 15 different rice dishes, all containing fish, shellfish or crustaceans.

The exact location of Cherrif can be found here.

Mana 75

At the head of the marina and next to the iconic W-Hotel lies Restaurant Mana 75.

Mana 75 is a large and spacious restaurant. It has a huge open kitchen. Here you will find a line of paella burners on which the rice dishes are being prepared.

Mana 75 has a modern-style interior with lounge seats, cheerful fabrics, and a pleasant terrace. It is a 250-meter walk from the restaurant to the beach, which makes it easy to combine a day at the beach with an extensive lunch.

The menu of Mana 75 consists of a range of starters and salads. These can be ordered to share. Furthermore, there are about ten different rice dishes, including fish, meat as well as vegetarian.

In addition to the rice dishes, there are also some fish and meat dishes on the menu.

The exact location of Mana 75 can be found on Google Maps.

Can Majo

Also in the La Barceloneta, district and a stone’s throw from the boulevard and the beach is Restaurant Can Majo.

Can Majo has a spacious terrace on a plaza in front of the restaurant. The terrace overlooks the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.

The restaurant was founded in 1968 and has a cuisine based on fresh products from the market. It mostly consists of fresh fish and seafood.

On the menu of Can Majo, you will find mainly dishes with fish and seafood. This also includes an assortment of rice dishes. There are about ten of them and all, except one vegetarian version, contain fish and shellfish.

Click here to see the exact location of Can Majo on Google Maps.


At a ten-minute walk from La Rambla and at the foot of Mont Juïc, you will find Restaurant Elche.

Founded in 1959, it was the first restaurant in Barcelona with a specialization in paella and other rice dishes.

Elche is a small restaurant with a modern interior. In front of the restaurant are a few tables on the pavement: not a real terrace, but a possibility to sit outdoors.

Elche’s menu is quite extensive. There is a wide range of starters, which in many cases can also be ordered as tapas. Besides that, there are about ten paellas and rice dishes as well as several fish and meat dishes.

The exact location of restaurant Elche can be found here.

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