Eating paella in Sevilla

Eating paella in Sevilla is not easy, but it is definitely possible! It is often thought that paella is a dish from all over Spain. This however is not the case. Paella is a dish that originated in the region of Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. Today the dish is still very popular there and is being eaten a lot.

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Are you visiting the city of Sevilla and would you like to enjoy a paella over there? It will then be a lot harder to find a restaurant where paella is on the menu. Sevilla is located in Andalusia and its local cuisine is very different from the regional cuisine of Valencia.

Of course, there are products such as olives, ‘patatas bravas’ and ‘pan con tomate’ that are eaten in both places. The accents, however, are quite different. Are you in Sevilla and do you want to eat paella? Then the restaurants listed underneath may be your best option.

La Paella Sevilla

La Paella Sevilla is not a real restaurant. It is basically a snackbar where paella is sold.

Every day fresh paellas are prepared in large paella pans. These paellas are being sold in portions and can be eaten on the spot or at home.

Don’t let the concept of La Paella Sevilla put you off. Their paella is probably one of the best you can find in Sevilla.

La Paella Sevilla has two locations in Sevilla. On Google Maps you can see exactly where they are located.

El 3 de Oro

Restaurant El 3 de Oro is located in Seville’s Jewish quarter right next to the impressive gardens of the Real Alcázar.

El 3 de Oro is a traditional restaurant, including a bar area, which was established in 1917.

The menu of El 3 de Oro is also a traditional one. Due to the extensive choice of (seasonal) dishes, the menu offers something for everyone.

The menu also includes six rice dishes, including Paella de Marisco and the black Arroz Negro.

Check here the exact location of El 3 de Oro on Google Maps.


Restaurant L’Albufera is named after the freshwater lake of Albufera near Valencia and honours its name. The restaurant is run by a chef from Valencia, bringing traditional Valencian cuisine to Sevilla.

Are you interested in visiting L’Albufera? Then please note that it is on the outskirts of the city. From the Cathedral of Sevilla it is about an one-hour walk.

L’Albufera is a small-scale restaurant with a family atmosphere and low prices.

The menu has about 25 rice dishes. These can be ordered in advance to take home or eaten on the spot.

On Google Maps you can find the exact location of L’Albufera.

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