How is paella being served?

The way paella is served depends on the setting in which you are at that moment. At home during family events, in restaurants and takeaways, paella is served in its own way.

Regardless of the setting, they have one thing in common. The paella is served in a paella pan. A paella pan is an essential component in the preparation of a good paella.

How is paella being served Featured

How to serve paella at home?

At home, or in private settings, paella is basically always put in the middle of the table in a pan. This is not only because it looks attractive and cozy. The paella is often eaten directly from the paella pan.

In Valencian families eating paella can be a great spectacle. During eating paella regularly, a heated discussion arises about who gets which ingredients and who is entitled to what part of the paella.

Will you make paella at home? You can also serve it this way and eat it directly from the pan. For the kids, it is also great fun when you serve the paella like this!

This is how you get paella served in a restaurant

Paella restaurants serve the paella more decently.

The waiter often first comes to your table with the whole paella and proudly presents it. You are then given the opportunity to give your approval and compliments on the presentation of the paella.

After that, the paella is placed on a separate table and is divided into straight portions. One at a time, the plates are being filled with a portion of rice, a few pieces of chicken, shrimps or clams and a part of lemon. Then the paella is served.

In most cases, the amount of paella that is served in a restaurant is sufficient for the number of people for which it is prepared. After dividing the portions and serving the paella, the pan is empty and immediately taken away.

However, it is possible that the pan does not empty in one time. For example, when you are with young children. In that case, the paella pan often is placed on or near the table so you can have a second serving. Anyway, you can empty the whole pan!

This is the way paella is served at a Takeaways.

When it comes to takeaways, things are different from eating in a regular restaurant.

A lot of takeaways in Spain offer an authentic form of paella. For practical reasons, they will have to serve it to their customers in a different way. After all, you can’t wait three-quarters of an hour for your paella.

Of course, the takeaways want to provide a portion of paella to their customers as fast as possible. Therefore, they often prepare large quantities of paella at a time using large paella pans.

To have a choice in the assortment, they often prepare several variants of paella. Paella Valenciana, Paella de Marisco and Paella de Verduras are popular variants in takeaways as well.

Once the paellas are prepared, they are put in the vitrine together with the pan. This allows customers to see which paellas have been cooked and how much is left.

When you are taking your paella away, usually you can choose to take it hot or cold. Depending on your choice, you will receive a box with your order. This can be eaten immediately or taken away to reheat at home.

Today, there are also takeaways which have authenticity as a top priority. These restaurants can prepare a fresh paella for you when you order on time. Some of them offer the paella in a pan to take back home. A small deposit is charged for borrowing the paella pan.

Located near the center of Valencia, Paellas Velarte is an example of a Takeaway with high-quality dishes. Here you can order or take away a variety of paellas and other local rice dishes.

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