How to cook seafood paella?

Seafood paella, also known as Paella de Marisco, is probably the paella variety that appeals most to the imagination, especially outside Spain. Typical ingredients such as prawns, langoustines, clams, and squid give the paella a highly photogenic appearance. So how to prepare this popular paella variation by yourself – and also what does a paella with seafood contain?

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The right equipment

No matter what paella type you are going to cook. It’ s a lot harder to put a good result on the table without the right equipment.

This is also true for a seafood paella. If you are preparing this paella, you want to give it its typical, picture-perfect looks.

The presentation in a large paella pan is crucial for the paella to stand out. In the case of seafood paella, the size of the pan is essential for two reasons.

First, the very best paellas have a thin layer of rice, often no more than two to three grains. After all, a good paella is quite dry and has a loose structure. This is not possible when you have a thick rice layer in the pan.

A second aspect why the size of the paella pan is essential is a more practical one. Seafood paellas contain pretty large ingredients such as clams and langoustines.

These ingredients are less well presented if the paella pan is too small. Soon you have to stack things on top of each other to make sure they fit in the pan. This stacking comes at the expense of the presentation and appearance of the dish.

Preparing seafood paella

One of the first things you will need to produce an excellent seafood paella is a delicious fish or seafood stock with a little bit of saffron. This can be made by yourself or purchased.

Once you have a stock, keep it up to boiling temperature. After that, add olive oil to the paella pan and fry the seafood briefly. As it will be reheated, later on, it is not necessary to be wholly cooked now.

Next, fry the rest of the ingredients in the same oil until they are cooked. Once everything is cooked add pimenton dulce (sweet paprika powder) and mix it immediately with the other ingredients.

Then add the paella rice and fry it for a minute. Up until the rice starts looking slightly glassy.

After that you can add the stock, spread the ingredients across the pan and bring it to a boil — Cook the paella for eight minutes on high heat. In the meantime, place the remaining seafood and clams nicely into the pan.

Then after eight minutes, the heat can be lowered. Make sure that the mixture keeps boiling.

When all the moisture has evaporated, the paella is ready, the pan may be removed from the heat, and the paella should be left to rest for about five minutes.

Sprinkle with some lemon juice and enjoy!

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