Paella pan – Which one to buy?

The paella pan, you can find it in many sorts and sizes. The size of the paella pan is linked to the number of paella servings you want to cook in it. In terms of size, we recommend the following:

It can be somewhat confusing that these sizes differ from the statements of manufacturers and (online) stores. This is because paella is tastier when the rice layer is not too thick, and there is a more significant crispy socarrat layer at the bottom of the pan.

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Choosing the right paella pan on the proper heat source

In addition to the size, the heat source should also be taken into consideration. Not all pans are suitable for all heat sources. When you are cooking paella on a wood fire, a barbecue or a paella burner, you can use a steel paella pan. Note that you do not put this pan in the dishwasher.

It is also necessary to grease it with oil on the after cleaning, otherwise, it will start to rust.

Do you use an induction hob? Then it is best to purchase a paella pan that is suitable for induction.

However, you can also use a steel pan; there is a risk that the bottom of the pan will bend a bit, especially if the same pan is used on other sources of heat.

Do you want to cook paella in an oven? Then choose an enameled pan. This pan can often also be used on gas and wood fire, which makes it an (almost) all-rounder.

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