Paella Recipes

Paella recipes

The ultimate paella recipe doesn’t exist. Paella is a dish of many variations and there are lots of different paella recipes.

Each paella chef has his own preference in terms of ingredients and preparation.

How to get a great paella?

Despite the diversity in recipes and preparation methods, there are definitely some essential factors in order to achieve a successful result:

  1. Use a paella pan in the right size. This is important to ensure that the paella rice is cooked in the best possible way and also allows you to evenly spread the ingredients over the paella.
  2. Use a heat source that evenly heats the paella pan. This is important in order to make sure that the paella rice cooks simultaneously throughout the entire paella pan. If only one part of the paella pan is heated, this will not work.
  3. Use good quality paella rice. Paella rice has some specific characteristics such as a large absoption capacity and a loose structure. These characteristics ensure the paella gets its specific structure and taste.
  4. Prepare the whole paella in the paella pan. With the exception of a pre-cooked broth that is used in some paella variants, the entire paella is made into the paella pan. All this to ensure that the flavours emitted by the ingredients are optimally absorbed by the paella rice.

Making your own Paella? Use these paella recipes.

Would you like to make real Spanish paella yourself? Then use one of the following paella recipes. These recipes of the most popular paella variations are directly from the Spanish paella restaurants.

The recipes are as authentic as possible and offer you an opportunity to prepare a real authentic paella by yourself!