Paella Recipes

The ultimate paella recipe doesn’t exist. Paella is a dish of many variations and there are lots of different paella recipes. In fact, each paella chef has his own preference in terms of ingredients and preparation.

On this page, you’ll find the most popular and delicious paella recipes. From the authentic Paella Valencia to the eyecatching Squid Ink Paella. All clearly formatted and specified from two to ten servings.

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Paella Valenciana Recipe

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This Paella Valenciana recipe for 2 is considered the authentic paella recipe. The Paella Valenciana recipe has a truly protected status.

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Seafood Paella Recipe

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The Seafood Paella Recipe is one of the most frequently enjoyed types of paella. Because of its characteristic appearance and presentation, it is certainly the most iconic paella.

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Chicken Paella Recipe

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Chicken Paella is a popular dish all around the world. The ingredients and preparation of this paella recipe are very similar to those of authentic Paella Valenciana.

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Mixed Paella Recipe

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The combination of meat, fish, and seafood makes the Mixed Paella recipe a very popular paella recipe. This tasty, rich and beautiful paella will satisfy all tastes.

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Vegetarian Paella Recipe

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This vegetarian paella recipe can be made with your choice of vegetables. For the best results, it is important to cook the ingredients in the right order.

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Squid Ink Paella Recipe

Squid Ink Paella Recipe 600x400

With this Squid Ink Paella recipe, you are putting a real eye-catcher on the table. This intensely black-colored Paella is quite easy to make, has a great taste, and features an incredible presentation.

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