10 steps to authentic

Paella Valenciana


olive oil chicken rabbit romano beans garrofón beans paprika powder tomato saffron water rosemary bomba rice salt

step 1

Place paella pan over medium heat and pour in olive oil.

step 2

Add chicken and rabbit and fry until golden brown.

step 3

Add beans and fry until they develop a nice color.

step 4

Sprinkle in paprika powder and tomato and fry for two minutes.

step 5

Add saffron and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

step 7

Let boil till half the liquid is evaporated and a nice broth appears.

step 8

Add paella rice and cook for eight minutes on high heat.

step 9

Lower heat and let boil for another eight minutes.

step 10

Turn of the heat and let sit for about five minutes.



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