What does paella taste like?

Of course, the best way to discover the taste of paella is to go find some and taste it. Or even better, make your own paella!

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The ingredients and herbs determine the taste of paella

Essential ingredients and herbs determine most of the flavor of any paella. All the ingredients are baked in the same paella pan, allowing the flavors to combine.

After the ingredients sautéed, giving off their flavor, water – or in some cases broth – and herbs are added. All the flavors in the paella pan are now dissolved in the liquid.

Once the liquid has absorbed all the flavors, paella rice is added, and as the rice absorbs the liquid, the flavors are transferred to the rice, giving the whole paella its specific taste.

When you make an authentic Paella Valenciana with chicken, rabbit, beans, and saffron, these ingredients will determine the taste. Making a seafood Paella with seafood and shellfish stock? Then these flavors are absorbed by the rice, giving the paella a taste of the sea.

While eating the paella, it is customary to sprinkle it with lemon, which also affects the taste. If you make a great paella, however, sprinkling it with lemon really isn’t necessary.

The smoked flavor from wood or charcoal

In addition to the ingredients, the taste of paella can also be affected by the heat source. 

Preparing your paella over a wood fire will give it a slightly smoky taste. The same can be true when cooking the paella on a charcoal barbecue, especially if you put the lid on the barbecue after adding the rice, so the smoke cannot escape.

How to make your own paella?

Would you like to make a delicious paella on your own? Then take a look at the paella recipes page elsewhere on this site. Here you’ll find the most delicious and authentic paella recipes for the most popular types of paella.

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