What time does it take to cook paella?

Depending on which variety of paella you prepare, the time it takes to cook it takes between one and one and a half hour. You will have a deliciously fresh, homemade paella on the table at that time. When you start with a wood fire and add up the mis-en-place (preparatory work) then, of course, it takes more time to prepare a paella.

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Start with a good preparation

When cooking paella, it is important to do the necessary preparation before you start cooking.

Preparations to be made

The following preparations are useful to make before you start cooking the paella:

  • Gathering all ingredients.
  • Clean and cut the ingredients.
  • Weighing the ingredients and divide them into separate bowls.
  • Preparing the heat source and ensuring that the paella pan can stand firmly on it.
  • Place tea towels or oven gloves in readiness to pick up the pan or to turn it.

Preparing in the right order

Once you have done all the preparation work, it is time to start cooking. During the cooking of the paella, it is important to add all the ingredients in the right order.

If you use a recipe, follow the order of the recipe. Do you have your own recipe? Then think carefully which ingredients will have the longest preparation time.

Do you use ingredients that only need to be baked for a minute? Put them in the pan first.

Preparation order

For almost all paella variants, you can, basically, use the following preparation order:

  1. Place the pan on the heat and add oil.
  2. Frying the largest ingredients.
  3. Frying the smaller parts.
  4. Add spices (e.g., saffron, pimenton) and grated tomato.
  5. Add water ( when preparing stock in the pan like Paella Valenciana).
  6. Add the paella rice.
  7. Add the stock ( when you have made it like Paella de Marisco).
  8. Bring to a boil and cook for 8 minutes on high heat.
  9. Lower the heat and let paella boil until the moisture has evaporated.
  10. Remove paella from the heat and let it rest for five minutes.
  11. Cut a lemon into wedges and place on top of the paella.
  12. Serving the paella.

When you start cooking the paella with the above order in mind, cooking a water-based paella takes about an hour and a half.

If you work with a stock that has already been made in advance, then you should count about an hour for the entire preparation of the paella. Keep in mind that preparing stock also takes time.

On the recipes page you’ll find delicious paella recipes of different kind authentic paellas.

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