Which paella pan is best?

Enjoying paella by yourself, or with your family, is a rewarding experience, but which paella pan is best for your needs? There are several factors to consider, including the number of people you plan to cook for, and how your stove is designed. Some pans are strong enough to last for generations and may end up being used to prepare meals for your grandchildren.

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Paella from Valencia is prepared by chefs and home cooks in traditional carbon steel paella pans. While many people use paella to refer to the dish, paella actually refers to the pan that the browned chicken, rabbit, local vegetables, and fresh spices are combined to produce a distinctive taste of Spain. This Paella Valenciana is as mouthwatering as you would expect.

Valencia is the home of paella, and the rice dishes prepared here are the standard by which those elsewhere in Spain, and across the world, are judged. Paella is the Valencian word for frying pan, and when you select the best one, the slightly crispy socarrat will readily form at the bottom of the pan. This light crust of rice will be richly flavored with all the spices used in the dish.

The socarrat is not as easy to create if the pan you use isn’t shallow. Let’s face it, almost all paella fans would probably enjoy eating that section as often as possible. A deep pan won’t make the socarrat as well. You’ll also need to balance different features of the pan so that it can easily accommodate around 10 or 12 ingredients.

Choosing the correct size paella pan

If your paella is as delicious as you hope, everyone will want seconds. You’ll need a paella pan that’s large enough to prepare an initial serving, and extras, for each person who will be at your table. The smaller pans are usually 12 or 14 inches wide and can be used to prepare meals for an individual, or for a couple.

You can even find paella pans that are only 8 inches wide. These dainty little pans can easily fit in your backpack when you go hiking. They can only prepare enough food for one person, and when cared for properly, will last a long time.

Although the smallest paella pans will fit easily on a small burner, consider other factors before you select one. You don’t want the pan to feel restrictive to you while you’re cooking. If you are in doubt about whether a pan will be roomy enough for you, consider selecting a pan that’s a couple of inches wider than what you think you may require.

If you have a few friends over every weekend, a 20-inch or 22-inch paella pan that serves up to 12 people is a good selection. Garcima makes a 20-inch pan that works well on your large gas cooktop*. The pan is part of a set, which includes a paella burner and a tripod* made of steel. If you enjoy cooking outdoors on relaxing evenings, the tripod will raise the burner and pan to a comfortable height. When pans come with a paella burner*, it makes it easy to use the larger pans in your collection, even if the burners on your stove are small.

*=Amazon link

If you want to prepare authentic paella for your church community or to have extra servings for your family on days when you’re too busy to cook, a 28-inch paella pan* is best. This can accommodate enough food for 25 people. If you constantly cook for different numbers of people, you may need to invest in several paella pans. That way, you’ll always have the perfect size for any event, and won’t waste gas or electricity by using the wrong pan.

Ecolution Sol makes a durable range of eco-friendly pans of different sizes, each of which will last a long time in your kitchen. Each one has an attractive chrome-plated handle, for safe cooking. The handles are riveted, to increase their sturdiness as you handle hot food. The broad surface makes each a versatile option for stir-frying vegetables as well.

If you can only obtain one pan, and you entertain large groups fairly frequently, it may be best to select a large paella pan. This will give you adequate room to form the crust, which is one of the best tasting parts of the paella. If you don’t have a paella burner, you can use the pan on two burners, and just keep rotating it.

Which paella pan suits your personal style?

Every dish that you serve partially reflects the capabilities of your cooktop, and paella is no exception. The pan you select must match the style of your hob, so you can have a seamless flow of activity while preparing meals.

The paella pan must also fit the size of your existing cooktop. If you select one that’s too wide for your existing burners, you’ll have problems with maneuvering it. You’ll also have less than optimal heating, which could result in some vegetables being slightly soggy, while others are delectably firm.

A glass and ceramic hob looks good in your kitchen but will require a specific type of pan. Similarly, any induction cooktop will give you a better dish if you pair it with a paella pan designed for that type of heat transfer. You will always get the best results if you select the type of material and design that suits your appliance.

Comfort food like this can transport you to another time and place, easing tension from your mind as it caresses your palate. Some ranges are selected based on how they look, or how efficiently they use energy. Once you decide on the size of the pan that you need, you can choose a pan that complements your cooktop, and various aspects of your lifestyle.

Selecting affordable and functional pans

Knowing which paella pan to buy is sometimes a matter of picking the right material for your meals. These pans can be made with carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, and many other substances. Each performs differently, and the results that you need will guide you to the best paella pan for your kitchen.

Carbon steel paella pans

Several of the pans that are used to prepare authentic paella in restaurants in Spain are made from durable carbon steel. This makes them lightweight, yet able to stand up to the rigours of regular use. The weight advantage is critical since a pan filled with enough food for 20 people is already quite heavy.

If you think of your fuel bill while planning for events, you’ll be glad to know that carbon steel paella pans conduct heat more quickly than several other options. Hungry guests will be happy to smell tantalizing scents that quickly waft from your kitchen. Since the pans transmit heat evenly, you can do less stirring, without worrying that some ingredients may be overcooked or undercooked.

These pans are a better choice for an eatery than stainless steel or a non-stick pan. If you are an older person, who suffers from joint pain, you will find them easier to maneuver than a cast iron pot. Your hands won’t ache as much after an enjoyable session of cooking.

While maintaining carbon steel pans does take a little time, it’s a labor of love that delivers rewards. You’ll have to make sure that after cleaning it, you rub it down with some oil, and then hang it in a dry place.

A good 18-inch carbon steel pan can be used to prepare a meal for four people, but it doesn’t provide a lot of leftovers. That might make everyone disappointed, so if you’re the type of person who appreciates second helpings, consider a 20-inch pan made by Garcima*. This can provide enough for six people, so if only four are at your table, there will be more than enough.

This large silver pan has bright red handles, which make it easy to maneuver it, ensuring that the seafood or poultry are properly browned. You can easily remove the crust at the bottom from this smooth carbon steel surface, by using a wooden spatula.

There’s enough room to spread out the rice and form a delicious socarrat. Since it only weighs around four pounds, you can carry it with you when you’re camping. This is an authentic paella pan and is manufactured in Spain.

While regular cleaning and oiling keep the pan in good shape, if you’re tired and don’t do it, and it starts to rust, you can get it like new. Use a piece of steel wool and rub the rust away. This is a sturdy pan, and it will stand up to the rigours of outdoor entertainment.

Enamel coated paella pans

Carbon steel is tough and inexpensive. Since they are made completely of metal, they can rust. Pans with an enamel coating overcome this problem. Having a speckled enamel layer reduces the level of maintenance required, and makes them a focal point in your kitchen when arranged in a group.

Each enameled pan is far less likely to corrode than other options. This is why, despite the fact that they aren’t considered traditional, they have grown in popularity. You don’t have to spend time oiling them after use.

No handwashing is needed after an extended meal preparation session. You can just put it in your dishwasher. You don’t need to search for a dry storage spot in your RV or kitchen since these versatile pans won’t really be affected by moisture.

An enameled steel pan from Garcima* will enhance the decor of your kitchen. The 14-inch pan can be used to cook enough paella for about three people. It is small enough to fit neatly on a single burner, and if you wish to make a meal that needs to go inside an oven, you can use it.

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Shiny stainless steel

Stainless steel paella pans are often selected by people who like to display their pots and pans. These blend with any type of decor, beautifully reflecting natural sunlight as it streams through the windows of your kitchen. They don’t require much maintenance, leaving you with more time to enjoy meals.

If you’re a busy person, it’s generally a good idea to stick to pans that require as little maintenance as possible. You may not stop after every meal to do the work required to prevent a pan made of carbon steel from rusting. Also consider that carbon steel, like cast iron, needs to be seasoned before you use it the first time.

Many home cooks are accustomed to stainless steel pots and pans that resist corrosion. When you’re selecting your paella pan, it’s important to remember that all grades of stainless steel don’t offer the same degree of resistance to corrosion. Look for pans made of 18/8 stainless steel, or a similar grade. Those made of 18/0 will start to develop rust stains over time.

Garcima makes an attractive 14-inch stainless steel pan*, that is suitable for preparing small family lunches, or a relaxing dinner for two. You can use it in your oven, or on your stovetop. The handles are gold in color, making this a good gift for anyone who likes to cook.

Induction pans

Paella pans like those manufactured by Fagor for induction hobs*, help to produce tasty results and are safe to use on these appliances. If you have a hotplate, you can also prepare a meal comfortably with these, making them ideal for weekend travel. The base of these pans is more stable than that of traditional alternatives since they have less of a curve.

The machined bases of some of the leading induction paella pans offer more than just balance. They’re made of layers of different types of metal with different properties. A stainless steel layer may be complemented by a magnetic steel layer.

Several of these can also be used on gas cooktops and AGA cookers, so you gain that versatility. You may choose from options with a non-stick coating. This reduces your clean up time while protecting your investment.

Fagor induction pans* are made in Spain, where paella originated, so they meet the needs of paella chefs. You don’t need to spend time seasoning these before you use them, and you can clean them in your dishwasher after cooking. Each is oven safe to 400 F, so you can keep your paella warm in the oven until you’re ready to serve dinner.

*= Amazon link

Thick pans

Despite the type of material used to manufacture them, the thickness of most paella pans designed for home use stays within a certain range. There are pans like the La Paella Pata Negra* which are even more resilient, and these special thickness pans are often used in restaurants.

Made from a heavy-duty type pf carbon steel, a sturdy special thickness pan can handle the weight of large quantities of food every day. It won’t fall apart or lose its effective form. The Pata Negra is durable and thick while transmitting heat well to chicken, fish, and other ingredients. This pan will require some maintenance after use.

Whatever material you prefer for your pan, rest assured that it will transition smoothly from one kitchen to another. Pack your favorite paella pan with you when you’re going to a friend’s house to help them prepare for a party. All of these pans can be used with gas or even charcoal grills. If you’ve obtained specific paella burners, they all work really well with those.

How will you use your paella pan?

If you like to go camping often, you’ll need a paella pan that is durable but lightweight. A heavy pan will add unnecessary bulk to your luggage. Likewise, you should be able to prepare enough food for an evening spent with other RVers while you travel.

Some people don’t limit their use of the pan to paella. The structure of it makes it a good option for roasting or preparing any type of dish that requires a shallow container. After the meal is prepared, a chef may want to serve it right from the pan. An attractive pan with chrome, red, or gold handles enhances the presentation of your food.


A paella dish can greatly add to your life. It can encourage you to eat more vegetables, which enhances wellness. It also improves the taste of many dishes, which benefit from being prepared in a shallow pan.

Paella may be enjoyed almost anywhere and can be selected from the menu of many Spanish restaurants. There’s a unique sense of pleasure to be gained from preparing this delicious meal at home. You can combine your own selection of vegetables, spices, shellfish, and other ingredients, to produce a dish that’s just right for you.

The taste of your meal will depend on your skills and experience, to an extent. However, you’re also limited by the type of paella pan you use. The best paella pan for you is the one that allows you to realize your dreams, facilitating the process of creating a dish that excites your spirit, and satisfies your hunger.

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